Mechanical lifting unit 492

Mechanical lifting unit

  • Mutli-purpose trolley for lifting, moving and rolling broadloom carpets unto stands
  • With bearings, safety-locks and wheel-brakes
  • Two lifting heights
  • Detailed direction for use overleaf


492 Directions for use:

  1. Put tube through broadloom roll
  2. Release lock on upper transversal bar. The mandrel now swings freely around lower transversal pipe
  3. Lower the end and insert mandrel into tube. Secure snap-lock on mandrel in nearest hole on tube
  4. Tilt end into vertical position and make sure that the lock
  5. Repeat 2/3/4 above with the other end
  6. Push broadloomroll parallel to stand, brake wheels
  7. Fix end of carpet to roller on stand by means of carpet clips.
    The nylon bearings in the mandrels now insure friction-free rolling
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